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Squilla Mantis, Albana, UWW

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Squilla Mantis, Albana, UWW

Aged at -52 meters above sea level for 6 months, in the Cala degli Inglesi between the coast of Portofino and San Fruttuoso.

Area of the Romagna gypsum vein, medium-textured clayey soil rich in limestone and potassium. Exposure: West.

Fermentation time up to 30 days, static clarification and tangential filtration. Aging in French oak and non-toasted Slavonian oak barrels for 6-8 months.

Matching with traditional Romagna foods: egg pasta with mushrooms or a second course of meat, preferably with a tendency to sweet and rich in fat, accompanied by cooking reduction and a set of pine nuts or walnuts.
Serving temperature: 6-8 ° C