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Privacy policy



Pursuant to art. 13 of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR), and in relation to the personal data of which the company Tenuta Del Paguro Srl will become available with the signing of the supply contract, we communicate the following:

The data controller is Tenuta Del Paguro SRL, with registered office in Ravenna in via Belfiore n. 60, VAT number 02650480391 , (hereinafter also for brevity"Tenuta Del Paguro"), e-mail address, the data processor is identified in the person of Mr. Gianluca Grilli, legal representative of Tenuta Del Paguro srl.

The personal data provided and in our possession are collected and used by Tenuta Del Paguro SRL also for the purpose of, purely by way of example but not exhaustively:

  • fulfill the obligations set out in the signed contract and provide the resulting services - as well as simple communication and correspondence - both towards the client and in favor of third parties, even unrelated to the contractual parties;
  • proceed with accounting, administrative and tax management, also with the help of professionals and/or external companies, possibly also indicated by the customer;
  • share data with third parties - also unrelated to the signed contract - for the purchase of domains, hosting and server maintenance, newsletter/SMS sending services, external suppliers for printing materials, for the creation of videos, for the organization of events; online promotion services (eg Facebook Ads, Google AdWords), CRM or statistical analysis services;
  • send material and commercial communications, for example newsletters, SMS, printed information material and share with third parties, even unrelated to the contractual relationship, solely for the promotion of Tenuta Del Paguro and not of other entities (eg uploading customer email addresses on AdWords for remarketing operations);
  • comply with the tax and accounting obligations established by current legislation.

Personal data may be processed by means of both paper and computer archives (including portable devices) and processed in a manner strictly necessary to meet the aforementioned purposes.

Tenuta Del Paguro SRL processes personal data lawfully, where the treatment:

  • it is necessary for the execution of the contract to which it is a party;
  • is based on express consent.

With regard to personal data relating to the execution of the contract of which you are a party or relating to the fulfillment of a regulatory obligation, failure to communicate personal data prevents the contractual relationship from being perfected.

The personal data, processed for the purposes indicated above, will be kept for the duration of the contract and, subsequently, for the time in which Tenuta Del Paguro SRL is subject to conservation obligations for tax purposes or for other purposes, provided for , by law or regulation.

Personal data, for the purpose of executing the contract, may be disclosed to:

  1. Employees and/or collaborators of Tenuta Del Paguro SRL;
  2. Third-party companies that carry out instrumental or collaborative activities on behalf of Tenuta Del Paguro SRL and which in any case act as external data managers without the direct management and control of Tenuta Del Paguro SRL;
  3. Third party institutes and/or professionals who carry out instrumental activities on behalf of Tenuta Del Paguro SRL

Personal data are not subject to disclosure or to any fully automated decision-making process, including profiling.

The rights recognized by the GDPR include those of:

  • ask Tenuta Del Paguro SRL for access to your personal data and information relating to them; the correction of inaccurate data or the integration of incomplete ones; the cancellation of personal data concerning you (upon the occurrence of one of the conditions indicated in art.17, paragraph 1 of the GDPR and in compliance with the exceptions provided for in paragraph 3 of the same article); the limitation of the processing of your personal data (in the event of one of the hypotheses indicated in art.18, paragraph 1 of the GDPR);
  • request and obtain from Tenuta Del Paguro SRL - in the hypothesis in which the legal basis of the processing is the contract or consent, and the same is carried out by automated means - your personal data in a structured and readable format by automatic device, even at purpose of communicating such data to another data controller (so-called right to the portability of personal data);
  • object at any time to the processing of your personal data in the event of particular situations concerning you;
  • withdraw consent at any time, limited to cases in which the processing is based on your consent for one or more specific purposes and concerns common personal data (for example date and place of birth or place of residence), or particular categories of data ( e.g. data revealing your racial origin, political views, religious beliefs, health or sex life). The treatment based on consent and carried out prior to the revocation of the same retains, however, its lawfulness;
  • lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Authority for the protection of personal data -
Requests relating to the exercise of the aforementioned rights must be addressed to the Data Controller:Tenuta Del Paguro SRL, for the attention of the data controller identified in the person of Mr. Gianluca Grilli
The interested party declares to have received, read and understood the information relating to the processing of personal data as governed by EU Regulation no. 2016/679 and aware, in particular, that the processing could concern the"particular"data referred to in art. 9 of the aforementioned Regulation, that is, those"personal data that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, as well as treating genetic data, biometric data intended to uniquely identify a natural person , data relating to the health or sexual life or sexual orientation of the person"and therefore
free, aware, informed and specific consent to the processing, also with IT and/or telematic tools, of their personal data for the following purposes:
  • To the processing of my data for the purposes specified in point 2, also by means of automated contact methods (e.g. email) or traditional (telephone with operator, call center, post), with the warning that at any time I will be able to withdraw the consent even partially, for example with regard to automated contact methods only
  • To the processing of data strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations assumed and/or deriving from the contract signed with Tenuta Del Paguro Srl or from legal obligations, referred to in the Information (failure to consent will not allow the Data Controller to proceed with the execution of the contract)
  • Communication of the data of the interested party to natural and/or legal persons operating in the context of related activities and in any case inherent to the performance of the contract and/or the assignment given to Tenuta Del Paguro Srl such as, purely by way of example but not exhaustive:
    • employees of Tenuta Del Paguro Srl, also external collaborators, external companies that carry out instrumental activities on behalf of Tenuta Del Paguro Srl or in any case personnel identified by the Owner in order to collaborate for the fulfillment of the signed contract:
    • institutes and/or third party professionals - where necessary for the purpose of carrying out the contract (ie agencies, companies, external professionals for the purpose of accounting, administrative and tax management):
    • transmission and publication of personal data and photographs on social networks and websites, newspapers, including online in order to fulfill the signed contract:
    • send material and commercial communications, for example newsletters, SMS, printed information material and sharing with third parties solely for the promotion of Tenuta Del Paguro and not for other entities (e.g. uploading customer email addresses on AdWords for remarketing operations).