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Bobo Vieri incantato dai nostri vini

Bobo Vieri enchanted by our wines

The hermit crab estate special guest of the Bobo Summer Cup 2019.

The famous sporting event that for a couple of years has been setting the liveliest Italian beaches on fire this year had an exceptional guest:the Tenuta del Paguro, which with its wines enchanted Bobo, Costanza and all the sports friends who have participated in this charity event.

The creator of Tenuta del Paguro, Gianluca Grilli, strongly wanted to be present in the first person to give support to the cause behind the whole Bobo Summer Cup:helping sick children through HEAL , a charitable foundation that raises funds to invest in treatment and research.

Amazement is the first emotion that guests and sportspeople have felt when observing how the traces of the sea have remained imprinted on the bottles, a sign of a passage of nature over the work of man. A union that is not born only from the encounter between land and sea, but which finds its maximum expression among the stories and vicissitudes that Romagna brings with it.

A story, that of the hills and waters of the Adriatic Sea, which has enchanted everyone and which, hopefully, can continue to make those who need it most dream, helping them to believe that the most beautiful fairy tales can come true.