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Inside each package of Tenuta del Paguro there is a real identity document , where the name of the wine, the identification code, the date of immersion and the underwater depth in which it was aged are certified, guaranteeing the authenticity of each bottle.

The packaging also takes up the history of these wines:the knots of the maritime pine wood, symbol of the historic pine forest of Ravenna, combine with the rust shades of the Corten steel, to create a package that is always different, always unique.

It is also for this reason that each bottle is unique in its kind, and that it passes on the history of yesterday and the history of today, the history of the Ravenna maritime power with pine wood, and the history of the industrial leader Ravenna, with the coating in Corten steel, reminiscent of the wreck of the Paguro Platform.

This particular maturation process recalls the past of “ sauces ” wines produced with sun-dried grapes, and brings them back to the present by transforming them into a wine that never acetifies and has exceptional characteristics, as is the underwater oasis where it is aged.